Sunday, November 7, 2010

Di pagi ini

Jam sudah menunjukkan pukul 1.22 pagi.Tapi aku masih belum menunjukkan tanda2 mengantuk lagi. Inilah akibatnya minum nescafe! Sebab itu aku masih lagi berjaga sehinnga ke saat ini.. :)

But no worries because i'm gonna use this time to update my blog! There is big event coming and there are a lof of things need to be done.yeahh, i'm gonna be busy helping around..good for me! But in the mean time, i cannot tell you YET what event it's gonna be a surprise! :) but me and others are very extremely excited bout it.oh yeah! :)
well,lets put this thing beside coz i'm not supposed to talk bout it..haha..guess i'm too excited huh...

Anyway..i'll be updating, till then..


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